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"Love is my reference and thats the point of this art. I have to express this love to you! These are 'roses from my soul' and if you see beauty and wonderment in my paintings, that is because you can see part of yourself, like in a mirror you see something you know...something totally cosmic is reflected back at you."

The Phoenix Rose Photography by Gani Naylor

Have you ever felt beyond our dissonance? Have you experienced how we are all connected? Do you feel in a tangible and very real way that we are all a part of each other, our planet and the Universe?

Stephen sincerely believes that all are related and the joy of this revelation is expressed in these stunning paintings. He presents to you in these galleries the art of 'interconnectedness' as paintings about the structure of ideas. The inspired art of Sacred Geometry created in the light of sacred traditions North, East, South and West this work is finely tuned to the vibrations of our time. Drawing inspiration direct from nature and just as spirit is in the leaves, the flowers, a bee, a sunset, a river…. and like the ancient Britons, Greeks and Egyptians, he works with the idea that geometry and ratio represent, symbolically at least, the archetypal language of creation.

at the Sacred Heart of British Island Style

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